Sunday, 24 February 2008

February Frosts

In the middle of February there were a few nights with hard, penetrating, frost (5-8 degrees Celsius of frost). I won't know for a while how much damage has been done, but a few plants from my collection are looking unhappy - a Lavatera × clementii 'Candy Floss' (which may be the tenderest of the common cultivars), one (of several) Alcalthaea × suffrutescens 'Park Rondell', some small Malva dendromorpha (Lavatera arborea) seedlings, and an Abutilon 'Kentish Belle'.

Some Malva 'Bicolor' and Malva 'Princesse de Lignes' looked sick for a few days, but have recovered.

Over at the allotment I think that the cold spell saw off a few more "Eumalvas".

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Lavateraguy said...

A Lavatera × clementii 'Barnsley Baby' over at the allotment is also looking unhappy. (This was one of the few surviving plants in a bed of herbaceous mallows - last summer's floods weakened those plants severely.) One of two Lavatera × clementii 'Red Rum' at the allotment has also lost it leaves.